How is TGSVR different from TGSonline?
TGSVR is one component of TGS Online. In addition to TGS Online, which was realized last year, a VR venue was set up this year to commemorate the 25th anniversary of TGS. With virtual and 3D content, the experience will be richer and more immersive than ever. Through avatar communication and being free to roam, visitors will be able to feel the excitement and serendipity on a comparable level to the real event.
When does the event start?
The show will be held from Thursday, September 30, to Sunday, October 3, 2021.
How do I play?
At TGS VR 2021, you can play with either VR or a PC. Please visit this page for playing instructions.
What are the system requirements for viewing?
Check this page for recommended system configuration.
*Choose the "How to Play" button appropriate for your device and proceed.
Can I visit and look around together with a friend?
You can share in the fun with up to 12 friends. Check this page.
*Choose the "How to Play" button appropriate for your device and proceed.
Is there a usage fee?
Admission to TGS VR 2021 is free of charge. The exhibition hall is open to anyone who is interested in experiencing it.
Is taking photos allowed?
One of the features available in the exhibition hall is the photo shooting function. There is also a zoom in/out function and a selfie function, so please feel free to try taking pictures. For PC or PCVR, the images will be saved directly to your PC. For Quest, the pictures are saved in TGS/picture and can be retrieved by connecting the PC to a USB device.
What time does the venue open?
The site can be accessed anytime between 9:00 a.m.(JST) on September 30, and 2:00 a.m.(JST) on October 4, 2021.
Is re-entry to the venue possible?
You can re-enter at any time during the exhibition period.
If I deleted the app, can I restore my collected items?
If you delete the application, your account information may be lost and you may not be able to restore your items.
GAME FLOAT is a venue that can be accessed by downloading applications using devices like Mac/Windows/HTC Vive/Oculus Rift S/Oculus Quest/Oculus Quest2, where you can explore various corporate booths and the official TGS online webcast. GAME FLOAT SKY is a venue that can be accessed via PC browsers, smartphone browsers, Oculus Quest browsers, where you can purchase avatar costumes and try on costumes.
Is it possible to use it with a smartphone?
The GAME FLOAT is not compatible with smartphones, but GAME FLOAT SKY can be accessed with a smartphone browser.
The app seems to be sluggish.
Please try restarting the application. If the problem persists after restarting, please delete the app at once, reinstall it, and press “Clear Asset Data” and “Clear Video” before starting again.
Why does the video I'm watching stop?
Some of the images and videos are relatively large. Depending on your internet connection, it may be difficult to watch them.
Can I look around with a friend? What to do if I get separated from a friend?
Use the channel function. Please note that even if you use the channel function, depending on the number of people in the channel, you may be moved to another channel with your friends. In that case, please use the channel function to reunite with them.
Is there a limit to the number of visitors?
We are doing our best to welcome as many visitors as possible, but if there are more participants than expected, we may have to set some restrictions.
The app does not finish downloading or loading.
When you first launch the game, it may take upwards of ten minutes to download depending on your network. Please wait while the download is in progress. For VR devices, if the device goes into sleep mode during the download, it may cause it to fail, so please adjust your sleep mode settings.
There is no sound playing.
Please make sure that the volume settings on your OS, speakers, and Quest itself are not set to mute. Also, please check the volume settings from the menu in the app.
I can't hear other people's voices.
Check the mute setting of the microphone. The default setting is mute, so please turn it on from the menu. Or adjust the volume in the volume settings.
It takes me back to the title after sleeping in Oculus Quest.
Please try logging in again. Because the application uses real-time communication, you may be sent to the title screen if your device goes to sleep.
I got an "Under Maintenance" message. What should I do?
We'll let you know here as soon as the maintenance is finished.
When I start the app in VR, the screen is completely dark and the title screen appears on the left, right, or behind me.
Please try resetting the viewpoint direction by pressing and holding the home button or other operations.
How do I operate GAME FLOAT SKY?
TGSVR2021 GAME FLOAT SKY uses the DOOR platform provided by NTT. For details, please refer to DOOR's basic operations.
[ DOOR Basic Operation ]
How do I wear an avatar costume that I purchased on GAME FLOAT SKY?
After registering an account at XMarket, enter the serial code of your purchases to activate your costume. Then link "Make Avatar" and "DOOR" and set your avatar within "DOOR". For more details, please refer to the respective instructions pages.
[ XMarket ]
[ How to play MakeAvatar ]
[ How to set your avatar on DOOR ]
Is it possible to respawn?
You can't respawn, but you can go to a new channel and restart from the entrance.
I can't download the latest app.
Please remove the installer and try download again.
PC is slow, what should I do?
Try "normal" switching in the graphic settings of the menu.
I would like to broadcast/ live stream on YouTube or something similar. Is that okay?
TGSVR2021 grants permission for people to broadcast videos of their games, so in principle, there is no problem with this. However, please keep in mind that the following items are prohibited.
• Anything that gives the impression that it is posted by TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2021 or its related parties.
• Anything that contradicts the facts and gives the impression that it is sponsored or affiliated with TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2021 or its related parties.
• Criminal acts, antisocial activities, or other violations of laws and regulations in any country, or anything that affirms or encourages such activities.
• Acts or content that violate the TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2021 Terms of Use, or those that affirm or promote such violations.
• That which infringes on intellectual property rights.
• Unauthorized access, unauthorized acquisition, alteration, or falsification of programs or data, or anything that affirms or encourages such.
• The use of an illegally obtained account.
• Anything which may damage the image or reputation of the related parties or the relevant title.
• Contents that are offensive to public order and morals. Otherwise, items deemed inappropriate by the Administration.
I cannot install the application because it says the publisher/developer is unknown.
For Mac, please try the following method of installation.

For Windows, please refer to the following link as it may solve your problem.

Since it depends on your environment and the specific event, please contact the manufacturer of the device you are using for a more detailed answer.
I get a message that my PC is protected or that a virus has been detected.
We have checked the system for viruses, but some virus detection software may respond to the uninstaller included with the TGSVR2021 app installer and issue a warning. Since it depends on your environment and the specific event, please contact the manufacturer of the device you are using for a more detailed answer.

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